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The game Clover Power from the Mix Diamond King 2 version 1.3.2 will be disabled temporary

Friday, 26 May 2023

Dear Customers,


We will like to inform you that due to a software problem the game Clover Power from the Mix Diamond King 2 must be disabled.

The issue does not harm the casino financially, in very rare occasions the game does not give to the player 10 free games.

Solving the issue above a new software version will be available .


The following cabinets have Diamond King 2 version 1.3.2. :

For Cabinet Next Cabinet, AMD Platform – Certification ROM.ADVAN.1009.05.01

Ez Modulo 32 Cabinet, AMD Platform – Certification ROM.ADVAN.1005.24.01

Ez Modulo 27 Cabinet, CT6 Platform – Certification ROM.ADVAN.1009.02.01


In order to disable the game use Main/Owner key, select Owner Menu, Insert password 789, Owner Column – Multi Game Config, Use Up/Down to highlight with Red game Clover Power, Press chg (Status will change to Disabled), Exit (Machine will ask Save Changes, select YES), (Machine will ask Only Key Cip can enable game. Are You Sure?, select YES), enter again Multi Game Config to verify that game is disabled, exit completely and see that icon on the screen is black/white, not colored, game cannot be selected.


Link to video instructions https://youtu.be/lLCk7lhmLyU

Thank you for your understanding and support !!